Lucia Ribisi on Tour: Episode 2


[caption id="attachment_7179" align="alignnone" ]HEADER_lucia-ribisi_02 ©[/caption] Teenage Artist Lucia zeigt in ihrer Video Kolumne Eindrücke ihrer Europa Tour, die sie im Sommer 2015 erlebt hat Lucia Ribisi wohnt in Los Angeles und ist 18 Jahre alt. Im Sommer 2015 hat sie eine Reise durch Europa gemacht, nachdem sie für ein Projekt für Saint Laurent nach Paris eingeflogen wurde. Einmal im Monat teilt sie per Video und Bild ihre Erlebnisse. Tägliche Updates liefert sie via Instagram. This past summer I traveled to Paris with the intention of staying for one weekend during men’s fashion week. It was a trip for work. Three days turned into two weeks turned into one month. During this month I fell in love with the escape of solo traveling. I returned to Los Angeles for my eighteenth birthday and then went back to Europe to watch the seasons change from summer till fall. I didn't know how long I’d stay, where I’d go or how I’d do it, but I bought myself a one-way ticket to Berlin anyway. I ended up acting in a short film in Poland, meeting my soul sister in Berlin, following Girlpool on tour through Hamburg, spending a second fashion week in Paris, working on a vineyard in Tuscany, seeing the Venice Biennial and finding peace, pleasure and the perfect pastries in Vienna. Being an eighteen year old girl traveling alone is terrifying. I had to be brave. I spent much of my time walking, finding stillness stumbling upon the sacred spaces splattered around the streets of all the cities I visited. Although the cultures of these places were radically different from each other, I created structure by following routines, finding the similarities in each place, relating them to each other and working through the tunnels of my thoughts on my own. IMG_0021 IMG_0041 IMG_0048 IMG_0061 IMG_0073 IMG_0081 IMG_0078 IMG_0083 IMG_0103 IMG_0165 IMG_0326 IMG_0327 IMG_0329 IMG_0330 IMG_0333 IMG_0398 IMG_0480 IMG_8229 IMG_8232 IMG_8233 IMG_8340 IMG_8369 IMG_8459 IMG_8517 IMG_8765 IMG_8988 IMG_8997 IMG_9131 IMG_9193 IMG_9195 IMG_9206 IMG_9213 IMG_9744 IMG_9763 IMG_9903 IMG_9906 IMG_9911 IMG_9925 IMG_9927 Everything shot on iphone over the course of three and a half months from New York City, NY, USA ; Paris, FR ; Łodz, PL ; Berlin, DE ; Hamburg, DE ; Prague, CZ ; Lucca, IT ; Venice, IT ; Vienna, AT ; Los Angeles, CA, USA. Thank you to Alexa Karolinski, Air Bnb, Soko, Maura Camilla Coco, Valerie Tillinger, Jamison Gilmour, Saint Laurent, Juliette Fazekas, Heiko Thandeka, Beatrice Lontani, Kassian Goess, Jack Kilmer, Chan Marshall, Tenuta di Valgiano, Eva Michon, Opus Films, Iris Marchand, Maxime Sokolinski, Agathe Deburetel, Filippo Maria de Vito, mom and dad, and everyone else who kept me warm, fed and inspired during my travels. i love you. Also thanks to the Oxbow School, Pattiann Koury, Max Kopelowicz, Benjamin Shearn and Taylor Robinson for teaching me how to edit. Always more people to thank… Autorin: Lucia Ribisi